About Bishop's Boxers

Welcome to our blog! If you are a computer, be sure to turn up your speaker volume so you can enjoy Boxertunes while you browse our site.

We are a boxer-loving family that recently retired from military life and relocated to the Chicago suburbs. Our love for the breed began back in 1987 with our first boxer in Minnesota. Although he wasn't the most beautiful boxer, Chesty became extremely well-trained. Unfortunately, in 1998, he got cancer and we had to put him down when he was nearly 11.

Knowing that we didn't want to experience life without Boxers, we had a new puppy waiting to be shipped from Crossroad Boxers in California to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We gave this striking 8-month old fawn male the name of Bishop. Little did we realize that he would be the beginning of our own kennel, Bishop's Boxers.

Bishop participated in many dog shows while we had time in graduate school, but then came children and active duty military life. Having the desire to have a puppy from Bishop and the determination to uphold and improve the standard of the boxer breed, we bred Bishop and got our first female, Lady, in February of 2005. Lady produced two wonderful litters of puppies with Telstar's Dixieland Band (Bandit). Telstar Boxers continue to be a large part of our pedigrees. We lost Lady in August 2015 to Cushing's disease. It never gets any easier.

We kept one female puppy from Lady's first litter, Eve. And from one of Eve's litters, we kept Latte, a classic fawn female. We update our blog regularly, so be sure to check back here or on our Facebook page for the most current information.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

We kissed sweet Teddy goodbye yesterday as he made his way a few hours north with his new family. Our home is certainly less lively this morning.  We miss him already...but our puppies are always in our hearts!  Special thanks to all of our new owners, who love them even more than we do!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dying for a Playmate

Teddy is dying for a playmate, and he'll get his chance tomorrow when he goes home. In the meantime, he and Eve had some fun tonight. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Teddy at 10 weeks!

We are enjoying our last couple days with Teddy before he heads to his new home this weekend. He'll be so happy to have another boxer playmate at home to keep him company. He is full of life, love, and a little trouble! Here he is at 10 weeks.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Curiosity Killed the Cat...or Dog

Teddy is filled with curiosity this week. So many fun things to see and explore. But as they say, "Curiosity killed the cat!" Be sure to always have your eyes on your puppy. They can get into a lot of trouble in a matter of 60 seconds (or less!). Of course, anything is fair game if it's on his level:

Pinecones...he thinks they are perfect for munching and crunching. And they don't slip out of his mouth while running around in circles as you are trying to entice him with something more puppy friendly.

Rags are always an easy target, particularly when you are under the sink and he is just waiting for the opportunity to slide past you with one in his mouth. Hopefully there aren't any chemicals on them. They love to rip these with those sharp teeth. They may even become "alive."

 Shoes are a particular favorite. He dragged my shoe over the entire kitchen, and if I let him, he probably would have made a chew toy out of it. Instead, he started on his back paw. Now if you have flip flops laying around--every puppy thinks that's the BEST toy ever!

If you want to know what real toys work best, try racquet balls--they love that they are bouncy and fast, and they can easily fit into their mouths and are not easily destroyed by those sharp teeth. Chew toys, like Nylabones or Kong toys are also great. We don't usually use rawhides. They chew and chew them, but eventually they swallow them and they are difficult to digest. Our two boxers usually end up in a fight over who gets it because of their possessiveness with their toys. Rope toys are usually well liked and are fun if you have another dog at home. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Puppy at 9 Weeks!

Teddy is now 9 weeks, and in another, he'll be with his new family. He's such a great dog, and hopefully it won't be too hard to send him away (I anticipate some tears from my girls). He's actually potty training quite well--better than anticipated. My trick is to set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes if he is out playing in the house and take him out. So far, only one accident (only pee). Persistence... Patience...and Paper Towels!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Missing His Littermates

With his littermates gone, Teddy is a little lonesome. He is getting some special attention over the next few weeks in the transition. After he went potty outside this morning, he made himself at home on the new dog bed, and he thought it was quite cozy! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Farewell, Ruby

We kissed sweet Ruby goodbye today. Her new owners hadn't met her yet, and she brought tears to their eyes. Love at first sight! We wish them many wonderful years of happiness together!

Goodbye, Brightman!

We said our goodbyes to Brightman this afternoon. He had his final playtime with Ruby and Teddy, and is now enjoying one-on-one with his happy new master. Seeing happy owners is one of the best rewards for us!

Our first boxer Chesty. He wasn't the most beautiful boxer, but certainly well-loved!

Bishop at 9 months

Bishop about 1 year

Our last picture with Bishop (July 2008)